The period of fashion for ancient Russian approaches and ideas in architecture in the beginning of the 20 th century produced a number of outstanding architectural creations. Among them the most interesting in the suburbs of St. Petersburg is the complex of Fedorov town in Pushkin.

The construction of the complex in Russian civil style of the 17 th century began in the beginning of the first decade to the design of the architect Kretchinsky. Fedorov town was built in with a stone wall with turrets on the corners, and had a refectory, infirmaries, chancery building etc. The gate, made of Staritsky lime-stone excavated on the Volga 's banks, decorated with ornamental engraving lead to the territory of the town. The illusion of genuineness of ancient Russian white stone chambers is intensified by some motives in exterior and interior decorations: ornamental engravings, glazed green tile, patterned shingle for the roof, frescos on the vaults of ceremonial premises and stairs. Exterior porches, passages, marquees over the turrets characteristic features of genuine ancient Russian architecture make the complex impressive and picturesque.

The complex of Fedorov town is the brightest example of neo-Russian style of modern trend