The building of Kamennoostrovsky prospect, the biggest arterial road of the city, took place in the last decade of the 19 th and the beginning of the 20 th century. The best architects of St. Petersburg, among them L. Benua, A. Benua, U. Benua, Lidval, Lialevitch, Gogen, took part in it. No matter that most buildings in the prospect were houses with apartments for rent, one can say that Kamennoostrovsky prospect is one of the most prominent ensembles of modern style in St.Petersburg. Several building, among them, for example, the house of the architect Lidval, built in 1902-1904, went down to history of architecture courses , as the example of dwelling house in modern style (On the picture: the first house to the right). Picturesque, unique architectural forms, refinement in facades' and interiors' decoration make Kamennoostrovsky prospect a very attractive part of St. Petersburg, loved by the citizens.