Polovtsev's summer house is the monument of neoclassical architecture. It was built by the architect Fomin on the Kamenniy Island in 1911-1916. The style of the house reflects Fomin's interest for Andrea Palladio architecture.

In the plan the building has shape. Its facades decorated with lonic columns face the front court. The centre of the building is decorated not only with a spectacular portico with two rows of pillars, but also with a frontispiece above the wall, slotted by a coffer semidome. Regularly-shaped building has a beautiful composition and harmony between its parts and its entire look. Inner layout, interior design show the example of using of the decorative approach, developed by classicism artists. The outbuildings, particularly the orchard-house, designed in the same style with the main building, are of architectural interest .

The building is situated on 22, Bolshaya Nevka embankment.