The central square of St. Petersburg .

The Palace Square is the place where epochal historical events significant for the life of the city and of the entire country took place. January 9, 1905 a peaceful demonstration of workers was shot down on the Palace Square . In October 1917 Red Army soldiers and mariners took by assault the Winter Palace , where the temporary government sat. In October November 1917 Vladimir Lenin several times addressed the huge crowd of revolutionary workers. In our time demonstrations, festivals, parades and mass-meetings are held on the Palace Square .

The buildings on the Palace Square form a unified architectural complex, that was created during two centuries by several generations of outstanding architects. Constructing of the Winter Palace , the core of the complex, designed by Rastrelli, had begun in 1754. Karl Rossi made a great contribution in creating the Palace Square complex. He created the remarkable building of General Headquarters in 1819-1829, designed the Ministry building, and linked them together with the magnificent Triumphal Arch, crowned with the Victory Chariot. 1830-1834 the Alexander Column, the monument to the Patriotic War of 1812, was constructed by Monferan in the centre of the square. One can argue that the central idea of the complex's artistic design is the praise of Russian victory over Napoleon.

The architectural complex of the Palace Square was constructed in so-called Russian Empire style.